Types of Semi Circular Arches in BPD: Exam Insights

In this post we learn about Types of moden Semi Circular Arch which used in Construction and Real Life work..

Doors, windows, ventilators, cupboards, Wardrobe, etc. in the wall. are always necessary. This opening is accomplished by the provision of a lintel or n arch Thus, both lintels as well as arches are structural members designed to support the loads of the wall section above the opening and then transmit those loads to the adjacent wall sections (jambs) on which these are located supported.

Types of semi Circular Arch

Definition of an Archies

– An arch can be defined as a mechanical arrangement of wedge-shaped units that support each other and,
In turn, the entire arch is supported by piers or abutments.

– Wedge-shaped blocks are usually jointed with rich cement or lime mortar. Cement concrete arches,
R.C.C. And the steel is not made in wedge-shaped units but in the form of singles.





Depending on the size, arches are classified as follows:”

1) Flat arch (or straight, square, or camber arch). In a flat arch, the extrados are horizontal, and a
slight rise or camber of 10 to 15 mm is given per meter width of the intrados span. The angle of the skewback with the horizontal is usually 60. Flat arches are not very strong – and therefore should be limited
to 1.5 meters unless reinforced with steel reinforcement.

2. Segmental arch: This is the most common type of arch used for buildings. The center of the arch is below the springing line. The thrust transferred.

3. Semicircular Arch : The shape of the soffit of their arch is semicircular and hence it is named semicircular arch. The center of the arch is on the springing line.

4. Horse Shoe Arch :The shape of the arch aA horseshoe, consisting of more than a semi-circle. kind of like that Arches are mainly provided from architectural considerations.

5. A pointed arch is also known as a Gothic arch. It consists of two circles meeting at the apex. The triangle formed may be equilateral or isosceles; In the latter case, it is known as a lancet arch.

6. The Venetian Arch is another type of pointed arch that has a depth deeper in the crown than the springing. She has four centers, all located on the Springing line.

7. Florentine arch : is similar to a Venetian arch except that it is semicircular. The arch has three centers, all on the springing line.

8. Relieving arch arch constructed either On a flat arch or wooden lintel. To provide more The end of the relieving arch of the force should be carried In adequate abutments. Forms a relieving arch It is possible to replace the damaged lintel later, without it Disturbing the stability of the structure.

9. stilted arch a semi-circular arch with two vertical sections at springing. The center of the arch is on the horizontal line, at the top of the vertical centers.

10. Semi-elliptical arch: This type of arch is semi-elliptical in shape and may have three centers or five centers.

(2) Classification Based on Number of Centres

The arches may be classified as

1. One-centered arch,

2. Two-centered arch,

3. Three-centered arch

4. Four-centered arch and

5. Five-centered arch.

1. One-Centered Arch:

Segmental arches, hemispherical arches, flat arches, horseshoe arches, and stilted arches come under
the categories. Sometimes, round windows are provided with a well-rounded arch known as a bulls eye arch, as shown

2. Two-centred arch: Pointed arches, semi-elliptical arches, and Florentine arches fall under this category

3. Three-centred arch: Elliptical arches fall under this category a three-centred arch.

4. Four-centred arch:

It has four centres. A typical example of this type is the Venetian arch.

5. Five-centred arch:

This type of arch, having five centers, Gives a good semi-elliptical shape
(II) Classification Based on Material and Workmanship

Real Life Use of Semi Circular Arch

Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction
Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction
Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction
Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction
Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction
Modern Semi Circular Arch use in Construction

Learn about Type of Arche in Detail

Learn about Type of Arche

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What is a semi-circular arch in construction?

A semi-circular arch is a structural element commonly used in construction, characterized by a half-circle shape. It distributes loads and provides support for openings like doors and windows.

What are the primary components of a semi-circular arch?

The main components include the arch stones or bricks, the keystone at the top, and the voussoirs (wedge-shaped stones or bricks) that make up the arch.

How is a semi-circular arch different from other types of arches?

A semi-circular arch spans half of a circle, whereas other arches, like pointed or segmental arches, have different shapes. The semi-circular arch is known for its simple and aesthetically pleasing design.

What are the advantages of using a semi-circular arch in construction?

Semi-circular arches are known for their stability and load-bearing capacity. They distribute weight uniformly, making them suitable for supporting heavy structures above openings.

How is the stability of a semi-circular arch achieved?

The keystone, placed at the top of the arch, plays a crucial role in maintaining stability. The voussoirs provide the necessary support, and the keystone locks them in place, preventing the arch from collapsing.

What are some examples of applications for semi-circular arches in modern construction?

Semi-circular arches can be found in various architectural elements, including door and window openings, bridges, and tunnels. They are also used for decorative purposes in buildings.

How does the span-to-rise ratio affect the appearance and structural integrity of a semi-circular arch?

The span-to-rise ratio influences the overall shape of the arch. A lower ratio may result in a flatter arch, while a higher ratio can create a more pronounced curve. Balancing aesthetics with structural considerations is crucial.

How can the stability of a semi-circular arch be compromised, and how can it be prevented?

Factors like poor construction, settling of foundations, or inadequate support can compromise the stability of a semi-circular arch. Proper design, construction techniques, and regular maintenance can help prevent stability issues.

Can semi-circular arches be combined with other architectural elements for added aesthetic appeal?

Yes, semi-circular arches can be integrated with other architectural features such as columns, pilasters, or decorative moldings to enhance the overall visual appeal of a structure.

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