Carpet Flooring and other Soft Flooring

We are talking about soft flooring and other flooring’s like Carpet flooring Wooden flooring vinyl
in this post me cover they three types of flooring application disadvantages also reach
one is better how to give new look to your home using soft flooring.

types of Soft Flooring

What is soft flooring ?

Soft flooring means, vinyl laminated hardwood and carpet flooring etc. Can be applied quickly to
your existing a hard flooring like PCC, ceramic , marble or vitrified flooring is called soft flooring.
This is a flooring which not permanently applied on floor using cement and other materials and
its removable flooring.
Soft flooring also known as resilient flooring acts as a secondary floor to any type of hard

1) Wooden flooring

Wooden Flooring

It it is very popular flooring which commonly used to give aesthetic and reach finish to home.
Wooden flooring mostly used in interior of home and residentiall areas.
If you want to give natural look to your space it is the best option for you.
but you must care about “wooden flooring is not able to use in high traffic areas”
We can’t use it where there is no of people’s or crowd.


  1. Maintain of this flooring is difficult
  2. Create noise and difficult to maintain it


  1. It is easy to installing
  2. Give rich look

How to install wooden flooring

Before installing they put Foam below the wooden flooring to minimise the sound or noise.

Types of wooden flooring

  1. Laminated wood
  2. Engineered wood
  3. Hardwood

Its all depend on your requirement of your budget and your space of use.

2) Carpet Flooring

Wooden Flooring and Carpet Flooring and Vinyl flooring and types of soft flooring  information

Carpet flooring is better than wooden flooring in noise creation. Carpet flooring produce
negligible sound when we walk on it.


Carpet flooring we used in studio office library or where we use it which area have a problem
like theatres and auditorium.
For manufacturing carpet to ring they use different (material) fabrics are used. In a result of this
carpet flooring “good sound absorption capacity”
Carpet flooring is available in market as 2×2 piece or roll form. In this we see that different
colours and designs that hates to choice based pattern to your flooring.


It is only one disadvantage of this carpet flooring is each cleaning. Because of they used
fibreak in this flooring you not treat as a normal flooring

3) Vinyl flooring

Wooden Flooring and Carpet Flooring and Vinyl flooring and types of soft flooring  information

Good night flooring also called as a plastic flooring because which material they used is mostly


Vinyl flooring is mostly used to because of it is the waterproof 100% and it is easy to maintain
you can treat as a hard flooring and it is easy to clean.
This flooring have number of different designs as compared to other two types of flooring.
Vinyl flooring is the cheapest flooring in soft flooring categories this flooring is available in role
format and plank format


Before placing vinyl flooring must clean the floor and remove dust particles on floor must care
about it.
If you not care about that thing mostly chance damage your floor increase your repairing time
and cost…

List of Types of Flooring by Material and Common use, key Properties

Type of Flooring Material Common Use Key Properties
Hardwood Wood (e.g., oak, maple) Residential living areas, offices Natural beauty, durability, warm appearance
Laminate Composite materials Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens Affordable, easy maintenance, variety of styles
Tile Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone Bathrooms, kitchens, entryways Water-resistant, durable, easy to clean
Carpet Various fibers (e.g., nylon, wool) Bedrooms, living rooms, offices Soft underfoot, insulating, noise reduction
Vinyl PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces Water-resistant, cost-effective, low maintenance
Concrete Concrete mixtures Basements, garages, industrial spaces Durable, easy to clean, versatile design options
Bamboo Bamboo Living areas, bedrooms, offices Renewable resource, eco-friendly, unique appearance
Cork Cork Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens Comfortable, eco-friendly, sound-absorbing

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