What are the different types of road barriers?     

     Top 5 Barriers, How Modern Road Barriers Keep Our Roads Safe Driving on the big modern highways today could be much more dangerous if there were no barriers on the sides of the road.

          Similarly, buildings and places where people walk would be more dangerous if there were no bollards or barriers to stop cars from driving into those areas. Have you ever thought about how these road barrier systems work and how they’re made?

          Building them is quite simple, but they have to be stronger than the vehicles on the road. Let’s learn about some of the best road barrier systems in the world.

ETI Roller Barrier System

ETI Roller Barrier System

The ETI Roller Barrier System is better than regular concrete barriers. It has a strong steel barrier fixed into the road with tough rollers that make it even stronger. These rollers help make the barrier better in case of an accident and make the impact on the vehicle less severe. The rollers spin around the steel center, spreading the force of the crash over a larger area. This reduces the chance of the vehicle flipping over and increases the chances of passengers surviving.

Road Zipper

The Road Zipper system

The Road Zipper system is not only strong but also flexible. It can move traffic and change lanes easily using a special vehicle. Each section of these barriers connects with the others using pins and holes. This lets them move a bit while staying attached. Road engineers can use this to create extra lanes when needed, depending on traffic at different times of the day. The special road zipper machine guides the barriers on tracks to move them, making it one of the most interesting barrier systems.

Wedge Barrier

Wedge Barrier

            The wedge barrier is made to quickly stop cars, especially if they’re trying to crash into a building. It can be raised fast to stop cars in their tracks. It’s often used at building entrances and security points. When not in use, it lies flat, letting traffic flow freely. But when there’s a danger, it can be quietly raised using a hydraulic system underground.

High-Strength Raisable Bollard

High-Strength Raisable Bollard

          Bollards are old but effective. They’re like strong poles in the ground. Some bollards can be raised and lowered, so cars can drive over them when they’re down, but they can be raised quickly with hydraulics to stop cars from entering. They’re helpful on sidewalks or roads shared with people to protect them from passing vehicles. They’re simple, with rigid rods that go up and down inside a sleeve in the ground.

Portable Spiked Mobile Barrier

Wedge Barrier

This is a mobile solution to stop vehicles and protect gatherings or buildings from attacks. It’s a steel framework with spikes designed to make cars flip over when they hit it. It works like a lever, lifting the car into the air and stopping it completely.

Bamboo crash barrier

Bamboo crash barrier

India has tested bamboo crash barrier as an environmental friendly alternative to Steel Union Minister nitin gadkari said the world’s first 200 meter long bamboo crash barrier has been installed on a highway connecting chandrapur and yavatmal districts in Maharashtra honorable minister of Road Transport and highways srinathan gadkari said in a tweet an extraordinary accomplishment towards achieving Atman Bharat has been made with the development of the world’s first 200 meter long bamboo crash barrier which has been installed on the Vani warora Highway the 200 meter long bamboo crash barrier christened as bahubali along with being environmentally friendly it offers an economic opportunity to Bamboo sector until now steel barriers were used on either side of a highway to keep vehicles from leaving the road Network this crash barrier is made of bamboosa balkowa bamboo that has been treated with creosote oil coated with recycled high density polyethylene the crash barrier will be an alternative to steel and will be environmentally friendly according to a statement from the ministry bamboo crash barriers have a recycling value of 50 to 70 percent compared to 30 to 50 percent for steel barriers the technology had also undergone extensive testing at a number of government-run facilities such as the National Automotive test tracks in pithampur Indore and was classified as class 1 in the fire rating test that was carried out at the central building Research Institute in roorkee.

These barrier systems, from emergency security to innovative road barriers, are very important for modern traffic and infrastructure safety.

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Road Barriers?

Advantages of Road Barriers:

1. Safety: Road barriers enhance road safety by preventing vehicles from crossing into opposing traffic lanes or off-road areas, reducing the risk of head-on collisions and accidents.

2. Traffic Management: They help regulate traffic flow by guiding vehicles into designated lanes and preventing illegal U-turns or lane changes.

3. Protection: Road barriers protect pedestrians and property by creating a physical separation between the road and surrounding areas.

4. Reduced Impact: In case of accidents, road barriers can absorb and distribute impact forces, potentially reducing injury severity.

5. Visual Aid: Reflective road barriers increase visibility during low-light conditions, aiding nighttime navigation.

Disadvantages of Road Barriers:

1. Cost: Installing and maintaining road barriers can be expensive, including the costs of materials, labor, and regular inspections.

2. Limited Access: Road barriers restrict access to certain areas, which may inconvenience drivers and residents.

3. Aesthetic Concerns: Some road barriers can be unattractive or visually intrusive, impacting the scenic quality of an area.

4. Maintenance: Barriers require ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain effective and safe, which can be a logistical challenge.

5. Potential Hazard: In rare cases, poorly designed or damaged barriers can become hazaves if they are not properly maintained or repaired.

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