What is Project Management in Civil Engineering

What is Project Management
What is Project Management

Introduction of Management

Management in reality is both art as well as science.

It is oldest of art because it was practiced even in the olden days and it is as old as human civilization and human history. It is youngest of science as it is still under the stage of development.

Management is considered as an oldest art because the success of management lies in application of its principles and technologies to various aspects and problem in organisation.

The basic definition of management proves it by saying that “Management is an Art of getting things done from others”.

Management is a science because the subject of management has become well organized and a systematic body of knowledge just any other subject of physical science. It can be learnt and taught in well organized manner.

Management is an important element in every organization. It is the element that coordinates currents organizational activities and plans for the future.

What is Project Management Understand in Hindi

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