In Contract and Accounts tender notice is very important topic in this post we learn how to Drafting tender notice and Types of Tender notice.


The very first step to be taken for the execution of works is to invite tenders. They are invited to daily newspapers.
Depending on the type of contract tender may be item-rate tender, lump-sum tender, cost-plus tender, labor tender, or demolition tender.



The tender is defined as an offer in writing for the execution of certain specified work or for the supply of specified materials subject to certain terms and conditions such as rates, time limits, etc.

Necessity of Tender :

To know whether any person is willing to come forward to execute the work within a specified time limit and finances.

Types of Tender 


1. Local tender:

For the project or work not necessary specialized design or job and manufacture, from globe i.e. all these necessities fulfilled in our country tenders are invited by the authority from various firms
Tender notice is circulated through reputed local newspapers.
These tenders are invited for any type of work in our country.

2. Global tender :

For big and specialized jobs or design and manufacture, global tenders are sometimes invited by the authority concerned throughout the globe to get competitive offers from various specialized firms or reputed manufacturers throughout the world.
The particulars and content are the same as that of ordinary tender notice. Only global tender notice. is written on the heading of the notice inviting tender.
It is circulated through reputed newspapers which cover outside countries. Besides, this is also circulated through the Embassy’s offices. located at different important throughout the Globe. countries
Global tenders are invited generally for special big works from reputed firms or contractors like construction underwater, Dam, etc.

Tender Notice:

The invitation for tender document holds significant value as it serves as the foundation for tenders and subsequent contracts with contractors. The tender notice must specify a reasonable timeframe for project completion.
Additionally, all tender notices must adhere to the standardized format of the department. It is displayed on the notice board of the division and also circulated to the related sub-divisions and other divisions of the department.


Points to be Included While Drafting Tender Notice:

To minimize the heavy advertisement charges. Short tender notice should be given in a tender notice. 1.

1. Mode of submission:

Tenders should be invited in sealed covers to maintain secrecy.

2. Name of agency or department inviting tenders:

From this contractor knows the person who invites tenders.

3. Name of work and its place:

That is important because some contractors are specialized in particular works such as roads, buildings, etc., and from a place of work, he knows whether the work is within his area of operation.

4. Estimated cost of work:

This helps the contractor to determine whether the work is too small for him or large to handle.

5. Time limit:

It helps the contractor to work out a realistic price for work and to plan and organize execution if his tender is accepted.

6. Availability of form:

The tender notice should specify, where from whom, at what cost, and up to what date blank tenders form will be available.

7. Earnest money:

Amount of earnest money to be paid by a contractor while submitting the tender and mode of payment.

8. Security deposit :

The amount of security deposit required to be paid by the contractor if his tender is accepted.
9. The last date, place, and also time before which tenders should be submitted.
10. The date, place, time, and also the procedure of opening tenders.
11. A clause to the effect that the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason is reserved by the authority should also be included.
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Drafting of Tender Notice:

Drafting a specimen tender notice for the construction of a Guest house building for the government.


1. Authority inviting tender is Executive Engineer.

2. Situation at Pune.

Tender Notice
(Public Works Department)

No.                                                                                Date:

Sealed item rate tenders in form B, are invited by executive Engineer PW. Division Pune from registered contractors in the appropriate class for the following work.

Sr.No Name of work Estimate cost in RS. Earnest money in Rs Security Deposit of Rs Time of completion
1. Construction of guest house building for Govt. Pune 30,21,500/- 30,215/- 1,51,075/- 18 Months

Blank tender form at a nonrefundable cost of Rs. 500/- (Rs. 600/- required by post) can be obtained from the office of Executive Engineer P.W Division No. 1 Pune upto 4.00 p.m. during working hours on all working days (Except Sunday and holidays) from… to… Tenders will be received in the office of the Executive Engineer up to 3.00 p.m. on….. and shall be opened on the same day at 4.00 pm in the presence of contractors who may like to attend.
The right reserved to reject any or all tenders, without assigning any reasons.

Executive Engineer



Specimen form of a tender notice:

Sealed tenders are invited in (type of) tender form from of registered Contractors……. class, for the work as mentioned below and will be received in sealed covers addressed to (Name of agency inviting tender), duly superscribed with the name of the work, by the undersigned, in his office upto the date and time noted as below and will be opened on the same day, in the presence of intending contractors, if possible. A certified true copy of the registration will have to be tendered with the application, by the contractor, for the issue of the tender form.

1. An amount as mentioned below should be paid on account of earnest money by cash, or demand draft drawn in the favor of……. Name of agency

inviting tenders.

i) Name of work……………..

ii) Estimated cost of work    Rs………….

iii) Earnest money            Rs……………

iv) Security Deposit.       Rs………………….. in cash

and Rs…………….. through interim bills

v) Time of completion…  Rs…………………..

vi) Cost of blank tender form Rs………………

(Non-refundable)Rs. 20 extra if required by post

vii) Blank tender forms will be available between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays except on Sundays and holidays.

viii) Last date of receiving tenders…… at…….. p.m.
ix) Date of opening the tenders……… at……
x) Class of registration of the contractors to whom the tender is open……..

  1. Additional information if any regarding the contract can be obtained from the office of the understand during office hours only.
    3. The offer shall remain valid for 90 days from the date of opening of tenders.
    4. The rates being quoted by the contractor will be in metric units only.
    5. The right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason is reserved with the undersigned.

Executive Engineer
or Name of the authority
inviting tender


Q1.Define ‘Tender’.

Q2.Write the necessity of ‘Tender’.

Q3.Define Tender notice.

Q4.Write the points to be included while drafting the tender notice.

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